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Eric Originals and Antiques: The Treasure Trove of Vintage Tiffany Jewelry

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The Magic of Jewelry: An Introduction

Jewelry - it's more than an accessory; it's an art form encompassing stories, traditions and individualities. Civilizations throughout history have used jewelry as an expression medium, sign of status symbol or sign of love and affection between loved ones - it even captured Eric from New York City! Eric found himself mesmerized by this magical world of jewels.

Eric began his jewelry journey as a designer for several prominent jewelers such as H. Stern. From this initial endeavor came an undying passion and deepened appreciation of antique jewelry - giving birth to Eric Originals and Antiques as an archive for vintage and antique jewelry.

The Birth of a Sanctuary: Eric Originals & Antiques

Eric first gained interest in antiques during his time as a jewelry designer when an estate purchase of an Art Deco Cartier brooch opened up a world of vintage and antique jewelry that revolutionized his career path. Eric quickly fell under its spell.

Eric Originals & Antiques opened its doors in New York City in 1978, providing jewelry enthusiasts with the perfect space for appreciating classic pieces from another era. Situated conveniently near the bustling diamond district, this tranquil oasis became a haven for jewelry fans who appreciate this period's charm.

The Allure of Tiffany & Co. - A Legacy that Transcends Time

Tiffany & Co. is an iconic brand associated with luxury, quality and elegance since 1837. Their creations form part of our treasured collection at Eric Originals and Antiques and their designs continue to amaze jewelry enthusiasts today.

An appreciation for vintage Tiffany jewelry can be like a journey through time. Each piece tells a unique tale, reflecting its period of creation - be it Victorian-era elegance or 20th-century modernism - through to today. Tiffany has always represented changing times and tastes through its collections.

The Charm of Vintage Tiffany Jewelry

Vintage Tiffany jewelry exudes an allure that defies description. Each piece embodies the brand's commitment to innovation and craftsmanship, serving as an expression of their legacy through details that demonstrate passion and creativity behind their production.

The Tiffany Keys collection epitomizes this brand's artistic vision. These vintage pieces, inspired by keys from Tiffany & Co. archives, hold symbolic charm - each key represents a secret, cherished memory, or dear person in someone's heart.

Tiffany T collection presents a modern interpretation of luxury. Distinguished by clean lines and bold forms that exude sophistication and luxury, wearing one of these vintage pieces not only accessorizes, but it becomes part of history as well.

Timeless Elegance of Antique Tiffany Jewelry

Antique Tiffany jewelry takes us back in time, closer to its source and origins of timeless elegance. These vintage pieces can often be over one century old and capture the aesthetics of different eras - from Art Nouveau's organic forms and Victorian ornateness, through Art Deco geometric sophistication, all are represented here in stunning pieces from these remarkable artists.

Eric Originals and Antiques' selection at Eric Originals and Antiques showcases Tiffany & Co's extensive history, as these time-honored pieces have not only survived but flourished through time - ready for you to add them to your personal jewelry collection.

The Eric Originals and Antiques Experience

At Eric Originals and Antiques, our goal is to deliver an unforgettable customer experience. Eric first started our store out of passion for vintage and antique jewelry he found while travelling. Through this journey he amassed an eclectic selection that caters to different tastes and styles.

Eric was first inspired by an Art Deco Cartier brooch from this period which ignited his interest in antiques. From there on out, we focused on iconic brands like Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier as focal points in his antique collecting journey. Over time we amassed an impressive collection of handpicked Tiffany pieces each telling its own unique tale and character.

Why Vintage Tiffany Jewelry?

Vintage Tiffany jewelry's allure extends well beyond aesthetic appeal; each piece tells a unique tale of love, celebration and triumph. Vintage pieces combine old-world charm with modern fashion statement making; making a great fashion statement or commemorating special events with something truly timeless like vintage Tiffany.

At Eric Originals and Antiques, we welcome you to discover pieces that resonate with your personal style and narrative. Every vintage Tiffany piece available here can become part of your cherished collection.

The Vintage Tiffany Jewelry Journey

Every Tiffany piece we select is an indisputable symbol of Tiffany & Co's rich history. By owning vintage Tiffany jewelry from our collection, not only are you buying yourself an eye-catching accessory but you are also expanding its narrative and narrative of these remarkable pieces. Our collection provides access into this fascinating world and allows you to discover its timeless charm and lasting appeal.

No matter the occasion - engagement rings, statement necklaces or delicate earrings - Eric Originals and Antiques has something special that will catch your eye. As part of their history-rich selections, you have an opportunity to continue their legacy!

In the Realm of Vintage Tiffany Jewelry

Vintage Tiffany jewelry is much more than mere accessories; it represents pieces of wearable art with deep historical roots. By collecting vintage Tiffany pieces, you can help preserve their cultural significance and timeless beauty, celebrating art jewelry itself while commemorating both Tiffany & Co's history as a company and human creativity and craftsmanship in general.

Join Eric Originals and Antiques on this journey as we discover vintage and antique Tiffany jewelry pieces to delight and charm you. At Eric Originals and Antiques, our vintage and antique Tiffany collection will enchant with its history, artistry and ever-enduring charm.

The Treasure that is Tiffany: A Conclusion

At Eric Originals and Antiques, our passion for jewelry extends far beyond its visual appeal. Each piece becomes an integral part of history or personal expression for us at Eric Originals and Antiques; this understanding drives our passion for finding only the highest-quality vintage and antique jewelry pieces, particularly those by iconic brands such as Tiffany & Co.

At Heritage Jewelry we provide you with an opportunity to own a piece of history - and to continue its story through you! Our collection invites you to discover and fall in love with pieces that speak to your individual style and narrative.

Eric Originals and Antiques provides you with access to vintage Tiffany jewelry as well as timeless antique Tiffany pieces, all at great prices. Come discover our treasure trove of vintage and antique Tiffany pieces!

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