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At Eric Originals and Antiques in New York, we value our unique and selective Estate Jewelry collection, for our exclusive buyers. Estate jewelry is not sold everywhere and what distinguishes us from all the rest. We truly pride here at Eric Originals and Antiques in New York to find those rare pieces of jewels that will entice the particular buyer who appreciates the essence of estate jewelry.


Estate jewelry usually carries a beautiful story of life, love and history of the past. At Eric Originals and Antiques, we have an understanding of how to help you attain these unique finds of pieces that will enhance and enrich your estate jewelry collection. Come visit us and see our estate jewelry in New York or shop on our website, and see all that we carry ranging from bracelets to brooches, earrings to necklaces, not to mention the fabulous rings that will catch every eye’s attention!

Estate Jewelry New York

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