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A wedding band is something to be cherished forever and is a symbol of the beauty of your relationship. Finding that flawless wedding band is what every bride dreams of, and Eric Originals and Antiques are here to contribute to the happiness in your lives via with our collections of Vintage Wedding Bands at our New York store location. Our acute precision of selecting the most unique pieces and our dedicated time spent in choosing superb craftsmanship, is what Eric Originals and Antiques is known for.


Here at Eric Originals and Antiques, our wedding band selections at our New York location is priced accordingly for our vast selection of high end designer jewelry. Whether you are looking for a diamond sapphire band, emerald band, or antique diamond wedding band, you will find it here at our New York location! Undoubtedly, gifting a wedding band has always been a monumental tradition and here at Eric Originals and Antiques in New York, we are happy to work with our clients….to make this lifetime event a spellbound moment for all.

Antique Diamond Wedding Band New York

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